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Scariest States In The US

Scariest States In The US

There have been reports of strange things happening like whispers from ghosts and moving medical equipments in a hospital in Texas.

There have been reports of strange things happening like whispers from ghosts and moving medical equipments in a hospital in Texas. A lofty hospital in Colorado has some haunted rooms, it is very creepy especially for someone who does not know. Scary reports tell that there have been strange laughter or unknown footsteps in a prison in Pennsylvania. Florida’s first lighthouse goes along with the story of a keeper and children who died. People said they have seen and heard the voices of their ghosts nearby. The haunted bridge in Indiana is where you might come across the soul of a weeping woman. She lost her child on a railway track, this is according to people nearby.

A woman that died on a

A woman that died on a railway track is said to frequently visit one of the bathrooms in the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Depot in Utah. The Borden home in Massachusetts which is now a museum dates back many years when a girl killed her parents with an axe are the most worrying nursery rhyme. Visitors have reported seeing a prostitute in a red gown in one of the oldest theaters in the United States; the Dock Street Theater, South Carolina. About one hundred years ago, a man in Nebraska killed all of his seven daughters on different hills. There you will hear the voices of them shouting when passing or driving by.

The Alaskan Hotel, Alaska is where

The Alaskan Hotel, Alaska is where the spirit of a female roams about after her husband killed her when he returned from his long-distance travel because he found out she worked as a prostitute. A voice of a warden with his wife can still be heard after the warden died of a heart attack. His wife was shot dead by a gun in a reformatory in Ohio. The spirit of a doctor with no medical background alongside others who were killed by him still haunts the Crescent Hotel in and Spa in Arkansas. Oakland Cemetery, Georgia is a very long time cemetery where visitors said they saw soldiers roaming around, also heard names being called by armies.

Scariest States In The US

Natives said they have encountered ghosts of dancers in the Wapio Valley in Hawaii. The Idaho penitentiary is now a tourist site where tourists visit, it is believed to be haunted by dead prisoners were their voices can be heard, and they can be seen in photos. Souls of a man with his employees who died in the Sloss Furnaces in Alabama are said to dwell in the place. It is believed by guests that the ghost of a female usually emptied their bags in the room 410 in the Queen Anne Hotel, California.

People believe the ghosts of soldiers who died in Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania still move about on the field to search for weapons. A public building which is the Pittock Mansion in Oregon has experienced some strange acts. Some locals say it maybe the spirits of a couple who kicked the bucket few years after building the mansion. It may either be the spirit of a man who was killed in a car accident or that of a mason that hunts the Poinsett Bridge in South Carolina. The image of a male who rented some rooms in Faulkner House Books, Louisiana is described to be inhabited by him after his death.

Mizpah Hotel in Nevada is told that the soul of a female who died never left the building, it is believed she speaks quietly in men’s ears. In Nevada again, there is a clown motel in which the owner said the ghosts are friendly. One of the scariest places in America is the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina in which a man had been seen eating and drinking. Baseball players grumped about encountering weird knocking, strange voices and their things being taken away in the Pfister Hotel in Wisconsin.

Babies crying, hitting the doors will be heard when you visit the Skirvin Luxury in Oklahoma. In North Dakota, there is the Guster House that souls of a general and his wife are said to wander in the home. A ghost town which was a former hospital in Washington is reported to be haunted by patients who died years ago. These are some of the scariest States in America.

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