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British and American Spelling for the Word Leveled and Levelled

British and American Spelling for the Word Leveled and Levelled

The disparities that exist in both the US and British when it comes to English some times poses a big issue.

The disparities that exist in both the US and British when it comes to English some times poses a big issue. This is occurs when writing for a global audience; it is some times difficult to make a clear-cut difference between them. There is a story of a completion that was organized around the 18th century. The contestants were to be selected from each continent at least 5 representatives from each continent. They were to represent their continent in the competition that was scheduled to take place in New York. The competition was based on spelling 100 words correctly selected a range of topics. They were all expected to prepare for at least 3-months before the said date.

Samantha was the leader of her

Samantha was the leader of her team from the Asian continent, the group spend several weeks preparing and taking online tutorials and exercise to help them prepare. Before the start of the competition, some basic information regarding the modalities, rules, and regulations to participate were sent to all the intending participants. This included their age limit, dressing code, items they were not expected to bring along like mobile phones and iPods or any recording device. They are also expected to be at the venue at least 24-hours before the start of the spelling competition.

The information that was sent to

The information that was sent to the participants had a little issue; there was a vital omission that was made by the organizing team. Considering that these were contestants coming from Canada, America, Britain, and developing nations they forgot to make some specifications on the criteria. Most of them had limited their preparations to Britain’s and American English hoping either of the two will be required. But, in the information spent on them, this wasn’t mentioned and they were expected not to ask any question once the competition starts. During the program, the mistress was expected to specify after calling each word to enable the students to know whether they had to spell with either of the two but, somehow she didn’t.

British and American Spelling for the Word Leveled and Levelled

It was 3 pm GMT when they started and it had to last for 2-hours only. At the end of the exercise, each group had to submit a list of 100 words that were read to them but, unfortunately, those from America spelled all the words using American spellings. Those from Britain spelled using their format while those from other continents submitted 200 words using both standards. That became a difficult issue for the officials to handle; all the students were right, some used the US-style while others use Britain’s.

One of the sticking words that did raise so much concern was the word “leveled. Based on the pronunciation and the generic meaning, some of the students had to use double “ll” that is levelled. Either of the two was all correct but, one was American while the other was British. The spelling was held accountable for misleading the students and for failing to make appropriate specifications where necessary. From that experience, the news of the event went global; some institutions had to revise their syllabus to include both languages. Having seen the outcome, students were now taught how to distinguish between British and American English during writing and spelling dictations. The event was canceled and reschedule to a later date in the future to allow for necessary adjustments.

Before now, most of the educational systems in the less developed nation were structured following Britain’s system. It included speaking and writing skills, this is because most of the countries in this part of the globe were colonized by the British and their system of education was adapted using the British approach. After this event that brought about a major revolution and changes in the written and spelling, most schools were now forced to adapt both systems and inculcate into their learning programs.

Lastly, this was to ensure that those who had the opportunity of going to study abroad will have little or no issue adapting to any of the systems. This also explains why some computer devices are programmed with both languages depending on which type you want to use, the system will always provide you with any of the language options to ensure you are properly guided on the language you are using.

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