Human creation is one of the many questions that frequent the mind of man. “How are we created?”, “What were we forged from?”, are a few questions that emerge from this constant reasoning. Religion has tried to put our minds at rest by giving us their theory of man’s creation. As expected, most religions believe that we were created by a supreme being and not only humans but every species that existed and is still in existence was created by this supernatural being.

Science, however, did not subscribe to this theory, and they built their theory using logic and intellectual reasoning. In summary, everything that exists on Earth is tied to two events; The Big Bang Theory and evolution. So, are human bodies made of stardust? Well, if we are to subscribe to the religious school of thought then the answer is no. But if we are going with the scientists’ take, then there are numerous options to explore.

After the occurrence of the Big

Stars exploding at the end of their life cycle are to be given credit for the creation of almost all the components on our periodic table and this includes the entities that make up the human body. Yes! Everything that exists here on earth is made of a particular combination of elements which are the smallest indivisible form of matter that usually has peculiar chemical properties.

From a cat to a belt, both living and nonliving things are composed of these ingredients. Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Calcium, and Hydrogen are the major elements that make the human body were formed in stars billions of years ago.

After the occurrence of the Big Bang, the only elements that were in existence were the ones with the lightest of mass. The stars that were first formed were made by the combination of these gases, they accumulated and started to burn to cause a nuclear reaction in the middle of each star that was formed. At the end of the life cycle of each star new entities are formed which are usually heavier than helium. Then these stars explode, this explosion is referred to as a supernova; a phenomenon that expels the new components created to be a raw material for the next generation of luminaries. This process continued for billions of years, with each generation of stars producing a or multiple new elements for the coming generation.

Humans Are Made Up Of Stardust, How True?

The birth and explosion of different luminaries gave us all the elements that exist in space and also on our planet. This death of a star that causes it to lose its weight eventually results in a supernova. The process expels all the components that have been created in the star into space. This becomes raw materials for the creation of a new star and the process repeats itself. The process is referred to as the galactic chemical evolution. When the number of particles became quite much, it gave room for nature to experiment. Different ingredients being combined gave different results, some gave something useful for life; water while others formed unimportant objects like asteroids.

This went on for a long period of years, and after decades of centuries of trial and error, the first living being was created; Prokaryotes. After another long period of evolution, though this time it was biological, a human was created. So, yes, in a convoluted way, it is valid to say we were made from stardust.